TTEC Series 3000 High Temperature Thermocouple Assemblies utilize ceramic protection tubes with noble metal (types S, R, B) elements. Double & triple tube designs are available for protection against thermal & mechanical shock. Protection tube materials include Mullite, High Purity Alumina & Recrystallized Silicon Carbide for custom multi tube assemblies. These units provide optimum performance at temperatures ranging from 2000ºF to 3100ºF.Type K, 8 gauge elements are also available for measurements to 2300ºF.
  • Designed for High Temperature Applications
  • Noble Metal (Types S, R, B) Elements offer maximum accuracy.
  • High Purity Ceramic Tubes provide optimum protection at extreme temperatures.
  • Custom Designs available
  • High Temperature Ceramic Protection Tubes
  • High Temperature Ceramic insulated Elements