• Series 2000 Straight Metal Protection Tube Thermocouples

    These assemblies feature straight, rugged metallic protection tubes in a variety of materials including 304SS, 316SS, 310SS, 446SS, Inconel, and HR160. The protection tube materials are selected to provide resistance to temperature and corrosion. Base metal (Types J, K, T, E) beaded ceramic insulated elements are standard for these cost effective yet durable assemblies.

    • Durable and cost effective
    • Rugged metallic protection tubes
    • Wide variety of tube materials to optimize performance
    • Heavy gauge elements available for highest temperature rating
    • Easily replaceable ceramic insulated elements
    • Optional mounting includes welded bushing & flanges & adjustable flanges
    Standard features include:
    • Metallic Protection Tubes
    • Ceramic (Double Bore, Beaded) Insulated Elements
    • Weatherproof Heads with Ceramic Terminal Blocks

  • Style 2005 - Schedule 40 Hot Leg Pipe with Weatherproof Head

    These rugged TTEC Assemblies feature a 90º configuration ideal for “bath or pot" type applications where mounting is over the side. Selectable tube materials & element wire gauge allow customers to select the assembly best suited for the application.


    • 90º Angle Configuration ideal for “Bath or Pot" Type Applications where mounting is “over the side".
    • Wide variety of Hot Leg Tube Materials to suit Applications
    • Carbon Steel or 304SS Cold Legs
    • Easily replaceable Ceramic insulated Elements
    Standard features include:
    • Hot & Cold Leg Metallic Protection Tubes
    • 90º Fixed Elbow
    • Ceramic Double Bore Insulators
    • Single Bore Ceramic Beads at Bend
    • Weatherproof Cast Aluminum Heads with ceramic Terminal Blocks

  • Series 3000 High Temperature Thermocouples

    TTEC Series 3000 High Temperature Thermocouple Assemblies utilize ceramic protection tubes with noble metal (types S, R, B) elements. Double & triple tube designs are available for protection against thermal & mechanical shock. Protection tube materials include Mullite, High Purity Alumina & Recrystallized Silicon Carbide for custom multi tube assemblies. These units provide optimum performance at temperatures ranging from 2000ºF to 3100ºF.Type K, 8 gauge elements are also available for measurements to 2300ºF.

    • Designed for High Temperature Applications
    • Noble Metal (Types S, R, B) Elements offer maximum accuracy.
    • High Purity Ceramic Tubes provide optimum protection at extreme temperatures.
    • Custom Designs available
    • High Temperature Ceramic Protection Tubes
    • High Temperature Ceramic insulated Elements

  • Series 9000 Replacement Elements

    • Ceramic insulated Thermocouple Elements
    • Base, Noble & Refractory Metal Calibration Types
    • Replacement Elements for the Series 2000 & 3000 Thermocouple Assemblies
    • Easily removed & replaced
    • Variety of wire gauge sizes & insulators