• Style 1050 Boiler Tube Thermocouples

    • Accurate Measurements of Boiler Tube Surface Temperatures.
    • Designed to perform in the Boiler Environment
    • Fast speed of response: Measuring junction underneath pad.
    • Uniform Sheath Diameter over entire length.
    • Rugged MgO insulated sheath.
    • Fully annealed for ease of bending.
    • Factory Pre-Formed pads.
    • High Temperature moisture seal.
    • Flexible Leads with strain relief.
    • Tag # stamped on pad & SS tag.

  • MVD Coal Pulverizer Thermowells

    TTEC's MVD Thermowells are designed for applications where thermowells will be exposed to highly abrasive conditions such as are found in Power Plant Coal Pulverizers. Product life has always been a problem in these applications, where barstock wells can be eroded away within short periods of time. For these difficult applications, TTEC designed Thermowells which utilize a process known as Mechanical Vapor Diffusion (MVD).

    Tungsten Carbide is fused with the thermowell material and becomes an integral part of the mass of the well. A new and substantially harder thermowell is the result of the MVD Process.

    The MVD Process is normally applied to the insertion portion of the Thermowell. When applied, the significant increase in wear life is achieved without sacrificing the corrosion or temperature features of the thermowell material.

    To order: Specify the thermowell part number from the TTEC Series 10000 Thermowells catalog and add Option Code "X30". Custom designs are also available.

  • 'Bearing Temperature Thermocouples & RTD's (Resistance Temperature Detectors)

    TTEC Bearing Temperature Thermocouples and RTD's feature reliable spring loaded temperature measurements of Bearing Surfaces in Power Plants. TTEC's unique Oil Seal, Spring Loaded Fitting ensures firm sensor tip contact with the Bearing Surface. These Assemblies can be specified to the exact length needed or ordered as a KWIK-FIT Field Cuttable Probe and cut to length in the field.

    For Thermocouples: See TECPAK Styles 1022,1019 and KWIK-FIT Style 1060-J, K, T or E Probes with 1060-33 Fitting and Accessories.

    For RTD's: See SERIES 8000 Styles 8022, 8019 and KWIK-FIT Style 1060-A, B, C or D Probes with 1060-33 Fittings & Accessories.

    Custom designs available.

  • HR160 Thermowells & Tubes


    • TTEC manufactures Thermocouple Assemblies for severe high temperature corrosive environments. These assemblies utilize an HR160 Thermowell or Protection Tube.
    • HR160 is a solid, solution strengthened NI-Co-Cr-Si Alloy with outstanding resistance to various forms of high temperature corrosion attack.
    • Outstanding High Temperature Corrosion Resistance. High levels of Cr & Si combine to form a very protective surface Oxide scale that resists attack from Sulfur, Chlorine, Fluorine, Vanadium, Phosphorous & Salt deposits to 2200 ºF (1204 ºC).
    • Life extensions greater than 10x compared to Ni-Cr alloys & stainless steels are common.
    • Municipal, Industrial, Hazardous & Nuclear Waste Incinerators
    • Utility Boilers
    • Sulfur Furnaces
    • Resource Recovery Units
    • Fluidized Bed Combustion Systems
    • High Temperature Furnaces, Kilns & Calciners
    • Recuperators, Heat Exchangers & Waste Recovery Systems
    • Cement Kilns
    • Pulp & Paper Recovery Boilers
    For additional information see Series 2000 Straight, Metal Protection Tube Thermocouples, Series 10000 Thermowells and Series 13000 Metal Protection Tubes

  • CFB Boiler Thermocouple Assemblies

    TTEC CFB Boiler Assemblies are specially designed to withstand the highly erosive conditions found in Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers. These rugged assemblies are installed throughout the Combustor Section, Cyclone Inlets, Cyclone Outlets and in the Coal/Ash Feed Lines. They provide critical temperature inputs to the Fluidized Bed Supervisory System for indication, control & safety. TTEC CFB Boiler Assemblies utilize a unique Protection Tube with a special heavy-duty tip and the TTEC MVD Abrasion Resistant Treatment. This design has been proven to provide superior product life in very erosive environments with temperatures as high as 1800°F. Customers have encountered product life of 1 year or longer in the high erosion areas and over 4 years in the low erosion areas (upper area of the Combustor). TTEC CFB Boiler Assemblies are designed to withstand hostile environments characterized by exposure to CO, CO2, SO2, NOX & NH3, Bituminous Coal, Limestone, and Ash.

  • Gas Turbine Exhaust Thermocouples

    • Reduced tip measuring Junctions for fast speed of response
    • Rugged MgO insulated sheaths are fully annealed & can withstand the harsh conditions found in gas turbines
    • All stainless sheaths & fittings
    • TTEC’s Gas Turbine Exhaust Thermocouples provide long life in hostile environments & greatly reduce costs associated with downtime due to sensor failure.
    • These sensors provide reliable inputs to exhaust control systems that monitor turbine performance and provide for automatic turbine shutdown
    • Available in Types J or K
    • Supplied with ungrounded (electrically isolated) Measuring Junctions.

  • Style 1055 Temporary Boiler Tube Thermocouples

    • Ideal Design for “Start-Up" testing, general monitoring & other temporary measurements on Power Plant Boiler Tubes & Drum Surfaces
    • Simple installation: flattened tube is welded directly onto surface
    • Thermocouple Wire is easily routed throughout the Boiler Area. Excess wire can be coiled up or cut at the Junction Box.
    • Standard (900ºF) & High Temperature (1300ºF) versions
    • Stainless Steel Overbraid on the Leads provides mechanical protection
    • Stainless Steel Tag is provided at each end for easy identification
    • Available in lengths from several feet to several hundred feet to run continuously from the Boiler area to a Junction Box or Control Room

  • TECPAK™ Thermocouples with Compression Weld-In Place Pad

    • Stainless Steel Compression Weld-In Place Pad allows removal of Thermocouple from Pad
    • Easily installed: Pad is welded to surface, thermocouple is inserted into pad and secured via compression nut & ferrule
    • Simplifies Maintenance & reduces costs as Thermocouple Pads remain in position and are re-used when Thermocouples are replaced
    • Rugged TECPAK MgO Thermocouple with Flat Tip allows for accurate & reliable surface Temperature Measurements
    • Pads can be Flat or Curved with Stainless Steel or Teflon Ferrules
    • Ideal for non-intrusive Tank wall, process piping or boiler tube surface measurements
    • Type K Simplex
    • Grounded Measuring Junction
    • .250" O.D. – 316SS Sheath
    • Flexible Teflon Leads with strain relief spring
    • Other Terminations & Custom Versions available
    To specify the Pad Radius and Length please click on the Request Information Button

  • Turbine Thermocouples

    TTEC Turbine thermocouples are custom manufactured to suit a variety of Gas and Steam Turbine Applications. These units are precisely manufactured in small or large quantities as direct replacements for the original equipment sensors provided.

    Designs include Turbine Exhaust, Inlet Air, Wheelspace and Compressor Discharge Temperature, Thrust Bearing, Bearing Drain, Gas Flow, Lube Oil Header, Disc Cavity and Blade Path.

  • Style 5010 KWIK-BAY Thermocouples & RTD's (Resistance Temperature Detectors) - Adjustable Bayonet


    • These easy to use, adjustable sensors are specially designed to be adapted to standard Thermowells (.260 bore & larger).
    • Adjustable over entire length of stainless steel flexible armored cable. Eliminates stocking many fixed length probes.
    • Thermocouple (J, K, T, E) or RTD (PT100 Ohms at 0ºC, .00385 TCR) Styles.
    • Variety of Terminations available.
    • Use with TTEC # 5601W Thermowell Adapter
    • Thermocouple Accuracy: Standard Limits of error per ANSI MC96.1.
    • RTD Accuracy: DIN 43760 Class B
    • Special Tolerances available.
    • Spring Loaded design maintains firm tip contact with Thermowell bottom.
    • All Sensors are single element
    • RTD´s are 3-wire type.
    • Factory tested... quality assured.

  • Magnetic Thermocouples

    • Accurate Temperature Measurements of Magnetic Surfaces
    • Spring Loaded Thermocouple
    • Firmly held in place on surface by Magnet
    • Flexible leads with Stainless Steel overbraid
    • Miniature Plug Termination standard
    • Length customer specified
    • Custom versions available
    To specify the Wire Length please click on the Request Information Button

  • Steamline Thermowells & Assemblies

    TTEC Steam Line Thermowells and Assemblies are utilized in the demanding conditions found in Power Plant Steam Lines. These designs are characterized by Weld- In Thermowells in various standard and specialty materials including Stainless (316) and Chrome Moly Steels (F11, F22 and F91). These heavy duty, drilled barstock wells are available in Pipe Sizes up to 1 1/2 or to customer specifications. Material Test Reports ensure full traceability of materials.

    Optional Stress Calculations with Certificate are available per ASME PTC 19.3 TW-2010. Stamped tag numbers on each well allow for easy identification in the field. TTEC Steam Line Assemblies feature rugged, spring loaded TECPAK thermocouple elements to ensure firm sensor tip contact with the Thermowell and maximum performance.

    Custom designs available.