TTEC CFB Boiler Assemblies are specially designed to withstand the highly erosive conditions found in Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers. These rugged assemblies are installed throughout the Combustor Section, Cyclone Inlets, Cyclone Outlets and in the Coal/Ash Feed Lines. They provide critical temperature inputs to the Fluidized Bed Supervisory System for indication, control & safety. TTEC CFB Boiler Assemblies utilize a unique Protection Tube with a special heavy-duty tip and the TTEC MVD Abrasion Resistant Treatment. This design has been proven to provide superior product life in very erosive environments with temperatures as high as 1800°F. Customers have encountered product life of 1 year or longer in the high erosion areas and over 4 years in the low erosion areas (upper area of the Combustor). TTEC CFB Boiler Assemblies are designed to withstand hostile environments characterized by exposure to CO, CO2, SO2, NOX & NH3, Bituminous Coal, Limestone, and Ash.
Unit of Measure


Normal Operating Temperature Range

N/A 1100 to 1750 ºF