TTEC Bearing Temperature Thermocouples and RTD's feature reliable spring loaded temperature measurements of Bearing Surfaces in Power Plants. TTEC's unique Oil Seal, Spring Loaded Fitting ensures firm sensor tip contact with the Bearing Surface. These Assemblies can be specified to the exact length needed or ordered as a KWIK-FIT Field Cuttable Probe and cut to length in the field.

For Thermocouples: See TECPAK Styles 1022,1019 and KWIK-FIT Style 1060-J, K, T or E Probes with 1060-33 Fitting and Accessories.

For RTD's: See SERIES 8000 Styles 8022, 8019 and KWIK-FIT Style 1060-A, B, C or D Probes with 1060-33 Fittings & Accessories.

Custom designs available.
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