• A - Multiple twisted pairs of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) insulated 20 gauge, solid, extension grade thermocouple wire
  • B - Communications wire
  • C - Aluminum Mylar shield (WRAP)
  • D - Bare copper drain wire
  • E - PVC jacket
Unit of Measure


# of Pairs

N/A 8

Calibration Type




  • Excellent Noise Rejection
    • Multi-Pair Extension Wire Cable is designed to provide a clean signal. Magnetic noise is reduced by twisting the pairs in a tight, staggered lay. External electrostatic noise is reduced by a total coverage shield and drain wire.
  • Ease of Installation
    • The use of cabled, 20 gauge, twisted pairs with PVC primary and over-all insulation provides excellent heavy duty flexibility. Individual pairs are numbered and color coded for simplified connections. A telephone wire is included to allow for sound communications during installation or instrument calibration.
  • High Mechanical Strength
    • The outer jacket is made of a PVC specifically compounded to give maximum weathering resistance and mechanical protection. This coupled with the "power cable" jacket thickness provides a heavy duty weather resistant cable.
  • High Quality of Manufacture
    • Extension Wire Cable is produced under the most stringent quality control conditions. Checkpoints are established for every step of production from selection of raw materials to final packaging. Testing is performed at each critical stage in the manufacturing process.