Techoloy: The Most Corrosion / Erosion Resistant Material Commercially Available
Techoloy outperforms other materials in the most corrosive/erosive environments. It is wear and corrosion resistant, as well as impermeable, which makes it ideal for use in strong acids and alkalies. And, since they are non-toxic, Techoloy components can be used in food and drug service applications.

Techoloy Ideal for Rugged Thermocouple Tube Applications
Its impressive capabilities at temperatures in excess of 1600°C (2950°F) make Techoloy an ideal candidate for thermocouple tubes. High thermal conductivity provides rapid response times and high thermal transfer. Superior thermal shock and creep resistance assures long component life. Because it contains no free silicon, Techoloy provides superior chemical resistance in both reducing and oxidizing environments, with or without abrasive / erosive elements.
Techoloy tubes are impermeable to gases at 4500 lb/in2 (31 MPa) and have a very fine grain structure (5- 10 microns) for excellent wear resistance and strength.

Techoloy Protection Tube Applications
Applications range from high-pressure velocity environments in refinery and chemical plants to very caustic abrasive slurries in the paper industry.
Techoloy tubes are used successfully in mineral processing and calcination, non-ferrous melting and refining, high temperature process furnaces, chemical incinerators, recuperators and corrosive chemical processing streams. The material's temperature capabilities have made it extremely effective in the coal processing industry as well, including gasification at temperatures above 1600°C (2950°F).
Unit of Measure



N/A 3100 kg/m33.10 g/m3

Hardness - Knoop

N/A 2800 kg/mm²
Flexural Strength1 N/A 3 pt. at RT 550 Mpa, 80 x103 lb/in2 4 pt. at RT 460 Mpa, 67 x103 lb/in2

Compresive Strength

N/A RT 3900 MPa RT 560 x 103 lb/in2

Modulus of Elasticity

N/A RT 410 GPa RT 59 x 106 lb/in2

Weibull Modulus (2 Parameter)

N/A 10

Position Ration

N/A 0.14

Fracture Toughness

N/A at RT Double Torsion & SENB 4.20 103 lb/in2/√ in at RT Double Torsion & SENB 4.60 MPa/√ m

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

N/A RT -700ºC / 68 to 1292ºF 4.02 x 10-6 mm/mmK RT -700ºC / 68 to 1292ºF 2.20 x 10-6 in/in ºF

Max. Service Air Temperature

N/A 3000 ºF1650 ºC

Mean Specific Heat

N/A at RT 0.67 J/gm K

Thermal Conductivity

N/A at RT 125.6 W/m K at RT 72.6 Btu/ft h ºF at 200ºC 102.6 W/m K at 200ºC 59.3 Btu/ft h ºF at 400ºC 77.5 W/m K at 400ºC 44.8 Btu/ft h ºF
Electrical Resistivity2 N/A 1000ºC 0.01 to 0.2 Ohm-cm RT 0.2 to 300 Ohm-cm


N/A 0.9



  • Techoloy's rugged properties make it ideal for harsh environments and applications
  • Abrasion resistance (50 percent harder than tungsten carbide)
  • Thermal shock resistance (10 times greater than alumina oxide ceramic)
  • Thermal conductivity (10 times higher than silicon nitride)
  • High strength and modulus of elasticity

  • 1 Test Bar Size: 3.2 x 6.4 x 50.8mm (1/8 x 1/4 x2"), Outer Span = 1.5"; Inner Span = .75"
  • 2 Dependent upon Dopants which Will Decrease Electrical Resistivity to A Desired Range