TTEC's MVD Thermowells are designed for applications where thermowells will be exposed to highly abrasive conditions such as are found in Power Plant Coal Pulverizers. Product life has always been a problem in these applications, where barstock wells can be eroded away within short periods of time. For these difficult applications, TTEC designed Thermowells which utilize a process known as Mechanical Vapor Diffusion (MVD).

Tungsten Carbide is fused with the thermowell material and becomes an integral part of the mass of the well. A new and substantially harder thermowell is the result of the MVD Process.

The MVD Process is normally applied to the insertion portion of the Thermowell. When applied, the significant increase in wear life is achieved without sacrificing the corrosion or temperature features of the thermowell material.

To order: Specify the thermowell part number from the TTEC Series 10000 Thermowells catalog and add Option Code "X30". Custom designs are also available.
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