• Thermocouples

    "TECPAK™" MgO insulated, sheathed thermocouples, offer high reliability and versatility in a wide variety of applications. These T/C's are used either directly inserted into the process or protected by a Thermowell or Protection Tube depending on application requirements. A wide variety of design, sheath material and diameter selections are available to suit application conditions. A variety of heads, connectors or flexible leads can be specified for the termination. Standard sheath materials are 304, 310 & 316 Stainless Steels and lnconel-600. Special sheath materials such as Monel, 446 Stainless, Titanium, Tantalum and various grades of Hastelloy are also available. Available diameters range from .020" to .625". Designs range from very flexible/fast response to rugged/high temperature in spring loaded or non-spring loaded styles.

  • RTDs - Resistance Temperature Detectors

    TTEC offers the ultimate in performance with its line of precision platinum RTD's. These units provide advantages of stability, linearity and interchangeability not attainable with other types of sensors, TTEC's standard RTD's are manufactured to DIN specification 43760 (α=.00385, 100 Ohms at 0°C). TTEC's wide line of RTD's includes the following types: General Purpose, Spring Loaded, High Temperature / Vibration Resistant, Sanitary, Averaging, Surface and Multipoint. TTEC KWIK-SHIP™ RTD'S are available from stock and include the most popular versions in standard lengths.

  • Series 10000 Sanitary Thermowells

    TTEC machined, drilled barstock Thermowells protect sensing elements from the combined effects of temperature, pressure, velocity and corrosion. Standard & Custom designs are available. Types include Threaded, Flanged, Weld-In, Socket-Weld, Sanitary, Limited Space and Van Stone with stepped, straight & tapered stems. Materials such as 304SS, 316SS, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy and HR160 are available to suit application conditions with standard or rush deliveries. Selected Thermowells are in stock. Abrasion and corrosion resistant treatments such as MVD, Stellite, Teflon and Kynar increase product life in difficult applications. TTEC Thermowells are manufactured to NACE, ASME, and major oil, utility, engineering and construction company specifications.

  • KWIK-SHIP™ Insulated Thermocouple Wire

    TTEC insulated thermocouple wire is manufactured from high quality raw materials to the most exacting specifications. All TTEC thermocouple wire conforms to ANSI specification MC96.1-1982 for standard and special limits of error and color coding is per ISA specifications. Available insulations are PVC, Teflon, Kapton, fiberglass, Hi-Temp fiberglass, Refrasil, and ceramic fibre. Options include copper or stainless steel overbraid, shielded or unshielded. TTEC multipair extension wire cable is available from 2 to 50 pairs, shielded individually or overall with PVC or Teflon insulation and copper drain wire.

  • Transmitters

    List of Features

    • Easily Programmed
    • Windows based Software
    • Many models available to suit application requirements
    • Accommodates all T/C & RTD Types
    • 5 year Limited Warranty
    • Head or DIN Rail Styles
    • Isolated or Non-Isolated
    • Hart Compatible, FM, CSA and ATEX Approved Versions
    • Many models include on-line communication, System &
    • Sensor error corrections, Customized Linearization,
    • On-Screen Real Time Data

  • Model TT743 Low-Cost Temperature Meters

    TTEC offers a wide selection of digital temperature indicators and controllers to complete the temperature sensing system. Panel and Hand-held indicators feature large, easy to read displays, accuracy and years of reliable service. Line, Loop or Battery Powered units are available for thermocouple and RTD inputs. Dual Relay Setpoint and Proportional Controllers provide for precise control of process temperatures. Scanners are available for monitoring multiple input channels. Please consult factory.