• Series 15000 Bare Thermocouple Wire

    TTEC's high standards for thermocouple wire assure the quality and properties of the alloys in the wire.

  • KWIK-SHIP™ Insulated Thermocouple Wire

    • 20 Gauge
    • Solid Conductor
    • Insulation over Each Conductor & Overall
    • Standard Limits of Error per MC96.1-1982
    • PVC Wire = Extension Grade
    • Teflon & Fiberglass Wire - Thermocouple Grade

  • Multi-Pair Extension Wire Cable


    • A - Multiple twisted pairs of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) insulated 20 gauge, solid, extension grade thermocouple wire
    • B - Communications wire
    • C - Aluminum Mylar shield (WRAP)
    • D - Bare copper drain wire
    • E - PVC jacket

  • Series 16000 Thermocouple Wire

    • Compensated, Thermocouple Grade Wire
    • Used to run signal from Thermocouple to Instrument or to manufacture Thermocouples
    • ANSI Color Codes & Accuracy
    • SS overbraided versions available for abrasion resistance

  • Series 16000 Extension Wire

    • Compensated, Extension Grade Wire
    • Used to run signal from Thermocouple to instrument
    • ANSI Color Codes & Accuracy
    • Shielded versions available to protect against electromagnetic interference

  • Series 11000 Screw Cover Heads, Hinged Heads, Misc Heads & Fittings

    • Many Styles including Weatherproof, Explosion Proof & Sanitary
    • Variety of Materials including Cast Aluminum, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel and FDA White Polypropylene
    • NEMA 4, NEMA 4X, FM, FMC (CSA) & ATEX Certifications
    • Screw Cover, Hinged, Open & Closed Types
    • Heavy Duty & Limited Space designs

  • Series 12000 Terminal Blocks

    The various types of TTEC terminal blocks use high quality pressed ceramic material to hold plated brass attaching terminals.

  • Series 17000 Compression Fittings
  • Series 17000 Standard Connectors

    TTEC's full line of male and female connectors cover all types of installations, including panel mounting. Also, a full line of TTEC accessories and hardware associated with the connector line is available.

  • Series 17000 Standard Connectors
  • Series 18000 Miniature Connectors

    TTEC makes available a full line of miniature size connectors in a wide variety of calibrations and styles.

  • Series 18000 Miniature Connectors
  • Series 19000 Strip Panels

    The convenience of front mounting and wiring is afforded by the use of TTEC's strip panels with integral fastening device. The alloys of inserts match ISA thermocouple calibrations. Alloy and circuit numbers are identified on face of strip with corresponding circuit numbers and polarity on back. Inserts are collet type and spring loaded with negative inserts larger than positive to eliminate polarity errors. Bodies are molded of high impact, shock resistant compound.

  • Series 19004 Strip Panels

    • Strip Panels with Mounting Frames can accommodate virtually any number of circuits
    • One piece Mounting Frame is made of 3/32" thick rigid steel
    • Consult Factory for available Frame sizes
    • Standard Strip Panels with mounting frames will withstand Ambient temperatures to 400 ºF continuous & 500 ºF intermittent
    • High Temperature strip panels with frames will withstand Ambient temperatures to 800 ºF continuous & 1000 ºF intermittent (Consult factory for more details)
    • Available Calibration Types J, K, T, E, R, B, S, U, W5
    • Gold Plated inserts available for corrosive applications