IPAQ-H is a universal and intelligent, Isolated 2-wire In-head transmitter for temperature and other measurement applications.

IPAQ-HX is the Intrinsically Safe version for use in Ex-applications. The combination of competitive pricing, functionality and simple configuration has made IPAQ-H and IPAQ-HX leading in-head transmitters for industrial temperature measurements.

The Windows based and user friendly software, IPRO 4, is used for transmitter configuration, documentation, monitoring and calibration purposes.
Unit of Measure


Center Hole Diameter

N/A 0.280 in7.00 mm

Operating Temperature

N/A -40 to 185 ºF-40 to 85 ºC


N/A Input for RTDs, T/Cs, mV and resistance

  • Reduced inventory costs.
  • Simplified plant engineering
True on-line communication
  • Full access to all features while in operation
Sensor diagnostics
  • SmartSense detects low sensor isolation (essential for correct measurements)
  • Selectable sensor break action
Simplified loop check-up
  • The transmitter works as an accurate current generator. On-screen indications and line recording
  • Valuable tools for temporary measurements

Performance & Design

N/A Excellent stability

  • Long-term stability 0.1%/year.
Enhanced total system accuracy
  • Sensor error correction (for known sensor errors)
  • System error correction (against known temperatures)
  • Output limitations and fail currents according to NAMUR recommendations
Input-Output isolation 1500 VAC
  • Eliminates measuring errors due to ground loops
High load capacity
  • Only 6.5 V voltage drop over the transmitter (IPAQ-H) allows for high loads
Designed for harsh conditions
  • Excellent EMC performance
  • Durable, shockproof design
Simple mounting and connection
  • For DIN B head or larger
5 year limited warranty